Polythene Paraffin Protectors (100)

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Pack 100


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Polythene Paraffin Protectors provide additional protection & client comfort during moisturising & relaxing paraffin heat therapy treatments.

Key Features

Essential for use in paraffin heat therapy hand & foot treatments.

Provides an additional thermal layer to ensure client comfort.

Protectors keep paraffin wax sealed & warm when inside.

Can assist in easy removal of paraffin wax.

When removing, paraffin wax can be caught inside the protector.

Prepares hands and feet for further insertion into mitts or boots.

Protector can be opened into a sheet for use on other body areas.


Polythene Protective Pre-Folded Sheets

Pack of 100

Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.

Dispose of after each use.

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